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Fence Installation in Davenport Florida made easy

Fence installation in Davenport Florida: step-by-step

Step #1: Check if you live in a development with a Home Owner Association- HOA. If you do live in a community with an HOA, you will probably need to ask permission and have them review your application before you can have your fence installed in Davenport, Florida

Step#2: Check if you need to get a permit to install a fence in Davenport, Florida. Requiring a permit or not before installing a fence in Florida varies from county to county. Check with your local county if you need a permit before installing a fence in Davenport Florida.

Fence installation in Davenport Florida
A PVC fence installed in Davenport Florida

Step #3: Check if you have your property’s survey and markers available before installing your fence in Davenport Florida. It would be a shame to have your fence removed and reinstalled if it was installed on your neighbor’s line.

Step#4: Find a reliable fence installer in Davenport Florida like Hillcrest Fence LLC. Make sure your fence installer works in Davenport Florida and is insured and licensed.

Step#5: Decide what type of fence you want installed in Davenport Florida. Do you want PVC, wood (which is not really recommended in Florida), chain link, aluminum, etc.

Step#6 Hire your contractor and enjoy your beautiful new fence in Davenport Florida! Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 for your FREE quote NOW!


1.Where can one find reviews and ratings for the fence installation services provided by Hillcrest Fence?

To find reviews and ratings for the fence installation services offered by Hillcrest Fence, you can visit the section on this website titled “Our Davenport Fence Company Reviews & Ratings.” or visit the best fence company‘s  Google Business Profile.

2.What types of fences does Hillcrest Fence offer, and how do they assist customers in choosing the right option?

Hillcrest Fence offers a wide range of fencing options to cater to various needs and preferences. Some of the popular types of fences they provide include Vinyl Fence, Aluminum Fence, Wood Fence, Chain-Link Fence, as well as services such as Railing Installation, Estate Gates Installation, Privacy Fence Installation, Pool Fence Installation, and Fence Supply. With an extensive selection of over 350 options available, Hillcrest Fence acknowledges the potential for customers to feel overwhelmed by the choices. To assist customers in choosing the most suitable fence option, we offer guidance and support throughout the selection process. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping customers navigate the diverse range of fencing choices and make informed decisions based on their specific requirements and preferences. Hillcrest Fence aims to ensure that customers receive personalized support and expert advice to help them find the perfect fence that meets their needs.

3. How can I contact Hillcrest Fence in Davenport, FL for fence installation services?

You can easily get in touch with Hillcrest Fence in Davenport, FL for fence installation services. Simply contact our office serving Davenport, FL  by phone at (863) 812-9397 . This information allows you to reach out and inquire about our services or schedule an appointment for a fence installation consultation.

4.What are some helpful resources for fence installation in Davenport, including the official website and permitting information?

A. Where can I find more information on fence installation resources in Davenport?
Additional information on fence installation resources in Davenport can be found on the City of Davenport Official Website and the Davenport Zoning Department.
At the time of writing, the city of Davenport did not require a permit to install a fence
B. What is the range of permit fees for fence installation in Davenport or other cities?
Permit fees generally range between $150 and $400 for fence installation in Davenport or other cities.
3. What are the requirements for obtaining a building permit for fence installation in Davenport?
The requirements include presenting a property survey, along with the specifications and plans for the intended fence to the municipality.




City in Florida
Davenport is a city in Polk County, Florida, United States. The population was 9,040 at the 2020 census. While the city of Davenport itself is very small, the area north of the city close to Interstate 4 and US 27 is experiencing explosive growth. It is part of the Lakeland–Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia
Area4.205 mi²
Weather83°F (28°C), Wind E at 6 mph (10 km/h), 47% Humidity
ZIP codes33837, 33897, 33896
Population4,682 (2019)
Local timeThursday 5:31 PM

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