Are wood fence in Haines City Florida a good idea?

As a fence contractor in Haines City Florida, I thought that wood fences would not be the first choice against PVC, chain link or aluminum fences. I am surprised to have regular requests from people living in Central Florida to have a wood fence isntalled or repaired. You would think that witht he strong winds and hurricanes we get in Florida that people would be worried about having pieces of wood flying at them. Furthermore, the high humidity rate that we experience in Haines City Florida makes wood rotten faster.

We are commited to pleasing our customers and we must admit that the wood fences we installed like this one in Haines City, Florida looks beautiful. The wood fence blends in very nicely in the area that has lots of trees.

Wood Fence in Polk City Florida

To answer our own question: yes isntalling a wood fence in Haines City Florida is a great idea as it offers diversity and blands in nicely with the Florida decor. People think of Florida as beaches but inland we have lots of trees and plants and a wood fence compliments their beauty.

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