Fence Company near me in Polk City, Florida

Fence Company in Polk City, Florida

Sarah: I think the fence needs to be replaced right now.
Michael: Why? I don’t think we need a fence.
Sarah: Look outside. Look what the hurricane did!

Michael: Oh My GOD! The entire fence is down. Quick please do a Google search for fence company in Polk City, Florida!

Sarah calls Hillcrest Fences at 863-812-9397 and someone picks-up right away

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Sarah: Can you install this fence for me?
David: Sure. Hillcrest Fences installs and repair fences in all Polk City, Florida. Thank you for calling Hillcrest Fences at 863-812-9397! This is David Nichols.

David: How can I help you?
Sarah: We just moved to this neighborhood and our fence is broken. We want to fix it.
David: Ok. When did it break?
Sarah: Last week. The hurricane broke many parts of the fence. It was made of wood and most of the posts are on the ground! I want my dog to be able to go in the yard safely. I heard coyotes last night!

David: Let me come over there and see what needs to be done. Sometimes, you are better off by having a new fence installed. I see a lot of wood fences that break down as Florida’s climate is not always best suited for wood fences.

Sarah: How much do you charge for your quote?

David: We give FREE quotes.

Sarah writes down to Michael. Hillcrest Fences (863-812-9397) gives FREE fence installation in Polk City, Florida!

Sarah: Wow! Can you come tomorrow please?

David: Sure. Give me your address and I see the damages. We have a special on PVC fences right now.

Sarah: DO you have white PVC fences?

David: We sure do!

Sarah: That would look so good. I think the wood fence is going to go. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I know I am going to like Hillcrest Fences of Polk County!

Do yourself a favor and call Hillcrest Fences, the fence company near you in Polk City, Florida for your FREE quote at 863-812-9397