Is Clermont Florida a safe city?

Clermont Florida: a safe city to live in?

Clermont is a city of about 35,000 people located in Lake County Florida. Clermont is a city that has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. In 2010, the population was a little over 27,000. Today, it is approximately 36,000. When looking at the population growth in Clermont, Florida, there are two factors that are driving this continued increase: one is the annexation of neighboring cities and one is the migration of retirees from colder climates to warmer climates.

Clermont, FL is a community in central Florida where violent crime is clearly on a sharp decline. The crime rate in Clermont is lower than in 79% of all other US cities and towns of similar population size. Clermont’s crime rate is 61% lower than national rates, and 50% lower than the Florida average.

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While the city of Clermont is a wonderful place to live and work, it is not without its share of crime. Crime statistics for cities in the state of Florida are published by the FBI on an annual basis. Clermont has an overall crime rate of 210.71 and safer than 90% of Florida cities. Clermont’s property crime rate is 67.56, which is safer than 76% of Florida cities. Both numbers are significantly lower than the national average.

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