What to do in Auburndale Florida?

Auburndale Florida: what to do?

Whether you’re visiting the area in April (Spring Break) or August (Thornton Beach and Clearwater’s yearly Arts & Crafts Festival), there’s plenty to do and see in Auburndale, Florida.

When visiting a new city, most people want to make the most of their trip. While you may plan to enjoy all the local attractions, you and your family may have other needs as well. Sometimes, the must-do attractions can be hard to find: they’re often packed, and with all of the other attractions you have to choose from, you may just skip them altogether.

Auburndale has a fun vitnage flea market where you can spend the entire day. it evens has its little circus and gator display. Tourists love to buy their fresh produces there and find good bargains.

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Auburndale, Florida is located about 30 miles west of Orlando. You’ll usually find that it’s a popular city for retirees and snowbirds, but Auburndale is also a popular tourist spot, thanks to the nearby theme parks. With so much to do and see, you might wonder how to find things to do while in the Sunshine State. Here are a few suggestions for things you might enjoy in Auburndale.

Every town has its claim to fame, and for Auburndale, Florida, it’s alligator wrestling. Between April and November every year, the Orlando area hosts a festival that celebrates Florida’s reptilian native. But, it’s not just the gators that are the star attraction. The Auburndale festival also features clowns, rides, a petting zoo, and live music. If you come to Auburndale, Florida, in April, you won’t want to miss the Auburndale Gatorfest!

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