Installation of gates to close barb wire fence in Winter Haven Florida

Finishing the installation of a wire fence in Winter Haven Florida

When we took on this barb wire fence installation in Winter Haven Florida, we did not expect all those suprises.

First, the location was in sugar sand which is very thin sand. Basically, when you pull out the post digger, the sand flows back intot he hole! Needless to say that digging the posts took longer than planned.

Next, since the ground was all in sugar sand, our truck got stuck. I mean, really stuck and the more we tried to get unstuck the deeper we got in the sugar sand. We eventually got pulled out!

Since we had to park the truck and trailer at the entrance of the compound not to get stuck in sugar sand again, we had to carry our material and tools to the worksite.

We often stayed well after the sun was down. This is the reason the picture of the gate that we installed after finishing the fence installation in Winter Haven Florida was taken in the evening!

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At the end of the day, pun intended, we are very proud of our beautiful work!

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