What to do in Davenport Florida?

Activities to do in Davenport Florida

Davenport, Florida, is a mid-sized city on Florida’s east coast, roughly 40 miles west of Orlando, half an hour from Disney World, and an hour away from Tampa. It’s the perfect place for homebuyers who want proximity to fun attractions, beach living, and proximity to Orlando. But what should you do in Davenport?

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Davenport, Florida is a historic town and is the seat of Polk County. The area is named after Colonel John Davenport, a settler who discovered the river in 1835. The area was originally called “Watkins Landing,” but the name was later changed to “Davenport” to honor Colonel Davenport. The town is also home to the main campus of the Davenport University.

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Davenport is a quaint beachside town on the southwestern coast of Florida, and it offers a boatload of fun for visitors. From gorgeous Atlantic beaches to world-class fishing and surfing, Davenport is hard to beat. If you want to learn more about what to do in Davenport Florida, read on to see what the city has to offer. Obviously, you can visit the Disney, Universal and Legoland parks that are so close!

You can decide to relax in the beautiful Florida sunshine weather in your vacation home.

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Davenport is a charming small town about 30 minutes outside of Orlando, FL. With a population of 9,000, Davenport has a wonderful small town feel while still offering many modern conveniences. The town is diverse, with about 14% of its residents being Hispanic and another 13% being African American. Davenport is located to the west of Orlando, and features two natural lakes that attract tourists. The Lake Lorraine Yacht and Country Club features boating, golf, jogging, and canoeing, and the Lake Talquin (15 minutes south of Davenport) has a public boat ramp, fishing pier, and picnic area. Other tourist attractions include the Florida Air Museum, the Lake Lorraine Recreation Center, and the American Motorcycle Museum.

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